C.L. Fornari is a writer, professional speaker and a gardening expert who is dedicated to cultivating successful home gardeners and landscape professionals. She is the host of gardening radio programs heard on WXTK and WRKO and the author of several books. C.L. joyfully gardens on Poison Ivy Acres on Cape Cod.
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Annuals and Perennials C.L. Fornari in the garden
Notes from My Garden

Sharing The Wealth

Don’t you think that everything we take joy and pride in creating or witnessing is better shared? That beautiful sunset, the antics of the chipmunks, the random witty remarks of the stranger next to you in the supermarket, the poem you or your friend/kid/neighbor wrote…all better when shared. When we take pleasure in something and can experience it in the company of others it is magnified exponentially.

So it is with gardens. Which is why so many Cape Cod gardeners took great pleasure in sharing their landscapes for the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival. And why I am also looking forward to opening my garden for the Unitarian Church of Barnstable in September.