C.L. Fornari is a writer, professional speaker and a gardening expert who is dedicated to cultivating successful home gardeners and landscape professionals. She is the host of gardening radio programs heard on WXTK and WRKO and the author of several books. C.L. joyfully gardens on Poison Ivy Acres on Cape Cod.
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Annuals and Perennials C.L. Fornari in the garden
Notes from My Garden

Myths, Lies, and All The Latest Dirt

That has been the title of a talk about garden myths that I’ve been presenting since 2004. When St. Lynn’s Press expressed a desire to have me do a book about this topic, my response was, “I’d love to, especially if I can make the book as much fun as the talk.”

My feeling is that many of garden myths continue to live on because they are quirky and often kind of fun. It’s amusing to think we might reach into our kitchen cupboard and come out with an easy solution to a garden problem. Some of this lore is about using objects and products that we’re already familiar with in a new way, and that too makes them memorable. So I knew that my mission when writing this book was to make the debunking funny, or tie it to something we’ve been previously comfortable with.

Coffee for Roses

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