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Links to places, businesses and other websites that I like, in no particular order
My blog continues to explore how everything is connected to everything else…stop in for Whole Life Gardening, from plants to pleasures, and worries to weeding, with gratitude always.

Hydrangea Farm Nursery If you love Hydrangeas as much as I do, you must discover this Nantucket nursery and the delightful people, Mal and Mary Kay Condon, who own it. Mal knows more about Hydrangeas than anyone I know and they sell many varieties from their online store!

Great Garden Speakers You’ll find a number of wonderful speakers here from all around the country. If you’ve heard me speak and have enjoyed what I’ve done, please stop by my page and leave a review!

Plant Something Massachusetts Don’t just stand there, Plant Something! A great website that’s dedicated to getting you out and planting. Be sure to watch the video when you stop in…you might recognize a rumpled dog you know.

Aya Lafillette Aya is an artist, musician, and friend. She made me a fantastic necklace once, and now she’s back in the jewelry biz. Check out all her work on this site – she’s a creative, interesting person and you might also enjoy checking out her blog.
If you’re looking for rare, unusual or native perennials, click on over to Sunshine Farm and Gardens where you’ll find plants that are hard to find elsewhere. Check out Barry’s Home Garden Sampler – a great way to receive a good selection of plants.
If you love perennials you should check out this group. Learn about perennials, network with other plant people and attend one of the best annual garden symposiums going!
In the Manifesto on their splash page, the four blogger-gardeners who contribute to this site say that they are “Delighted by people with a passion for plants”.  Well, I am delighted by this website and the writing/spirit that is here.  Kudos to Susan, Elizabeth, Michele and Amy…and thanks for the smiles.
Go to this website if you love plants and want to laugh out loud. This spoof offers great fun with plant names and the nursery biz – all masterfully done, I suspect, by Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery. When your sides hurt from laughing, visit Tony’s nursery website (the one that is the real deal and worth visiting if you want to order actual plants) which can be found at
If you live in the Northeast, check out Janice Goldfrank’s unique nature calendar. You will find a way to learn new wild plants, and a different way to look at the seasons. Discover why Janice says that there are “more than four seasons!”.
There is such a great selection of products available from Gardener’s Supply Company that it’s hard to know what to feature here.  They have a wonderful selection of least-toxic solutions for problems, and wonderful containers, tools, fertilizers and clothing.  If you’re in Northern Vermont, be sure to visit, and check here first for any hard-to-find garden products.
Great tips on roses, garden design, grasses, perennials and more from garden writer Yvonne Cunnington.   If you love flowers, you’ll love this site!
Hilda puts all of us to shame with this website. You’ll find seasonal articles, event listings and more on these pages… make a cup of tea and start reading.
The Garden Writers Association of America – if you write, speak, or take photographs, and your subject is plants or gardening, you should join GWAA!  Networking, education, great garden tours at the annual symposium and some of the nicest people on the planet.
If you’re on Cape Cod, you MUST go to Heritage! Something for people of all ages (YOU can look at the gardens while the rest of the family explores the antique car barn, American museum or rides the carousel) and many horticultural programs as well.
Yes, The Black Dog makes yummy cookies, but it’s worth planning a trip to Martha’s Vineyard just to go to Polly Hill Arboretum. Polly Hill started breeding, growing and selecting plants for specific characteristics when she was in her 50′s (an inspiration to us all) and her property is now a “must see” destination on the Vineyard. A relaxed and informal place to enjoy plants!
One of the jewels of Cape Cod. Certainly go during daffodil time, but in any pleasant weather, this Falmouth garden is a treat.
Aren’t I lucky that Armstrong Kelley Park is right around the corner!  If you’re visiting the Cape, get a sandwich across the street at Fancys and picnic in the park. If you live on the Cape, come to a horticultural society meeting!

New Harvest Coffee I’ve ordered my coffee beans from this Rhode Island firm for years. The coffee is fresh and delicious, and it arrives promptly. Find your direct source, fair trade, artisan coffees here.
A great selection of bulbs – summer and spring – including many that are hard to find. Nice people too.
No matter how many plants I grow, when I go to this website I always find  something else that I MUST have. Every spring when I receive my order I’m pleased.
O.K. all you fellow out-of-control plant people… this is the place to find seeds for odd and unusual varieties. Maybe it’s a good thing I DON’T have a greenhouse… the mortgage money would all be spent on seeds.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t cook unless I’m listening to show tunes. And what could be more perfect than a CD that combines plants and show tunes? The CD is “Green Up Time ~ Ellen Zachos Sings Botanical Broadway,” and Ellen does it up right. A four-course dinner for eight? No problem.
An organization dedicated to promoting the cultivation of good food and herbs.  This group encourages locally grown produce, home cooking, and healthy eating… what could be better?