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On air for GardenlineListen to C.L. every Saturday!

GardenLine is broadcast every Saturday morning on WXTK – 95.1 FM, from 8:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern time.  Learn C.L. talks with experts on a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants, and answers all of your gardening questions. Call 888-998-5951 or 508-775-9985 to receive expert advice on making the best of your garden and houseplants.

You can also hear GardenLine streamed on iHeartRadio.

Starting on January 31st I will be hosting a new gardening program on WRKO. Listen to The Garden Lady on WRKO every Saturday from 1 to 3 PM EST. Details about streaming and podcasts will be posted soon! Regular segments on The Garden Lady will include “From Yard to Table,” “Welcome to the Garden Party,” and “Have I Got a Plant For You!”


Every week on both of my programs I announce dates and destinations of interested to my listeners on “Gardeners On The Go” and “A Sunday Drive.”  If you’d like me to consider including a horticultural event that’s open to the public, please send me the information in the body of an email, not as an attachment.