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Looking for a great speaker who presents entertaining talks about plants and gardens? C.L. Fornari speaks about gardening, presenting talks suitable for garden clubs, horticultural societies, flower shows, botanical gardens, neighborhood associations, garden geeks, and special interest groups.

Color All Summer: Reports From Annual Alley
Anyone who’s been to my property at Poison Ivy Acres knows that I love all types of plants, from the tallest of trees to the shortest of perennials and mosses. But I wouldn’t be without annuals because most of them give me flowers all summer and into the fall. Every year I plant them among my perennials and shrubs and in the strip along my vegetable garden that I call “Annual Alley.” This talk presents annuals from several angles: great new varieties and why I love them, new ways of designing with old favorites, alternatives to Impatiens in the era of downy mildew, self-seeders, and creative containers for deck, patio, and garden.

Myths, Lies, and All the Latest Dirt
Yes, sometimes the information that’s passed from gardener to gardener is rock solid wisdom, but occasionally some commonly held beliefs about plants and gardens are misleading or out and out false, or new research contradicts traditional gardening practices.  This down-and-dirty talk helps gardeners sort through the folklore and hype surrounding plants, practices and products.

Saving Summer
Those flowering annuals, tropical plants and tender perennials look so good at the end of the summer, that you want to know how to keep them over the winter. This talk explains how to keep the tropical, the tender, the tricky and the tried and true.

Gardens of Inspiration and Insight
(aka: Gardening With A Purpose)
This lavishly illustrated talk celebrates how gardens stimulate our creativity, sense of humor, and physical well-being. Learn how a garden nourishes our spirituality and creates connections to other people and the planet. Although this talk is appropriate to any audience, it will especially resonate with intermediate and advanced gardeners.

Your Garden Shouldn’t Make You Crazy
From planting to pruning; from dirt to design, this talk is an informative and entertaining potpourri of garden advice.

The 21st Century Flower Garden
The 21st Century Flower Garden is more than a bed of pretty flowers. These plants have a purpose! Random acts of kindness, privacy screening, celebrations, and attracting pollinators…in addition to providing us with colorful blooms. Find out about changes in flower garden design and planting options, and how you might want to shake things up in your 21st century landscape.

Success With Vegetables
You don’t have to be a foodie to want homegrown vegetables. Produce that’s right from the garden tastes better, is better for you because it’s fresher, and contains a deep satisfaction factor. It used to be that veggie gardens were confined to the backyard or the farm, but now even those with small yards,  urban balconies, or other tiny spaces can grow their own food. This talk presents some of the newer ways to grow your own food, some “tricks of the trade” and some varieties that succeed against all odds.

The Wow! Factor – Moving From Inspiration to Installation
We are inspired when we visit beautiful gardens or see photos of lovely landscapes, but how can we go beyond our feelings of envy and admiration, and apply what we see in our own landscapes? There are reasons that good design works. This talk is about analyzing why we are inspired, and how to use that information in our own gardens.

Gardening Revival
There’s a gardening revival going on, and I want you to be a part of it. Learn how tending your garden also cultivates creativity, community, personal power and joy. Discover new ways to fit plants and gardens into an already busy life. Hear about how new plants and practices can help you fashion a beautiful landscape and a meaningful life. Learn about The New American Garden.

Coffee For Roses
When I developed my Myths, Lies, and All The Latest Dirt talk over ten years ago I realized that there were more myths about gardening than there were about weight loss. So that talk only scratched the surface of the various misconceptions and misunderstandings about plants and gardening. This talk looks at a new set of gardening myths including many that are in my new book with the same title. It could be called Myths, Lies, and All The Latest Dirt Part 2…just when you thought it was safe to go into the garden (Jaws reference here) but how can I not use the name of my latest book? If your group loved Myths, Lies, you will be equally pleased with Coffee for Roses.

Perennial Bed Maintenance
The need-to-do, the nice-to-do, and the maybe-not-necessary-to-do: everything you need to know about keeping your perennial garden beautiful.

Pruning Demystified!
Be a barber, not a butcher…from holly to hydrangeas, learn the proper way to prune your shrubs and trees.

In The Garden: FYI
What is happening in the garden this month: talk of plants, products and good garden practices, illustrated with give-away items (your group takes them home) from my garden basket.

Green Thumbs Up/Green Thumbs Down
Every week on my radio program GardenLine I rant and rave about garden practices and products. This program is a selection of the most seasonally relevant thumbs up and thumbs down and is presented without slides.

My Little Corner of the World
Creative ways to design and decorate your outdoor spaces: garden rooms, ornaments, structures and plant projects.

Cultivating Kids
Encouraging children to become involved in the garden: what adults can do to create future gardeners. Children’s gardens, fun projects, engaging plants and other simple pleasures.

If Plants Could Talk
What would your landscape be telling you? Garden practices from a plant’s point of view.


Note: I speak on many other topics as well. Other aspects of gardening with  annuals, perennials, organic gardening, flowering shrubs, container gardening  and garden Q & A to name just a few subjects. If you don’t see the talk you’re  looking for, please contact to arrange a program that suits your organization’s  needs.



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