A Green Flower For Cutting

Jul 7, 2018 | Love This!

Name: Alchemilla mollis aka lady’s mantle

Type of Plant: A low growing perennial with lime green flowers in May, June and early July.

Why I Love this plant: This plant grows in full sun to part shade, is weed smothering and has flowers that are perfect for bouquets. This plant is a must-grow in a cutting garden, because the flowers are perfect with peonies and other early summer perennials for bouquets. It’s also a great plant for gently self-seeding in places like along shady paths or stone steps.

A Word to the Wise: Since this is a plant that self-seeds, if you’re growing it in places where you don’t want to pull seeded offspring, be sure to deadhead the plants when flowers start to fade.

This variety of lady’s mantle is called Robusta.

The foliage of Alchemilla holds water like diamonds.

Lady’s mantle in a bouquet.

In early July the plant is still flowering in my test garden!


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