C.L.’s Appearance Schedule
C.L. Fornari is a speaker, writer, radio talk show host and gardening consultant
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C.L.’s Appearance Schedule

If you would like more details about any of these appearances please contact me. Additional talks are added regularly. If I am speaking for your group and you would like me to post the information here, please email me.

2020 Upcoming Speaking Appearances

My gardens will be on tour during the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival ~ Come on July 17th or 19th, between 10 and 4. (Hint: parking is always easier after 2 PM!)  Click on the link to the festival for a complete schedule of open gardens, the addresses of all open gardens, and the information about events, virtual and otherwise. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of my in-person speaking engagements have been postponed or rescheduled as virtual talks. I am booking dates via Zoom now, however. Any of my talks can be presented remotely. Please contact me for details.  

July 22nd  Duxbury Hydrangea Festival – this will be a Zoom presentation!  



October 7th  Village Garden Club of Dennis, MA 

I  recently presented two virtual talks about Hydrangeas for GardenComm that are available in recorded form.

Mopheads and Lacecaps: I answer all the most common questions about Mophead and Lacecaps: Why doesn’t my Hydrangea flower? How can I change the color of my flowers? How do I prune these plants? How do I dry blue Hydrangea flowers? Plus soil, fertilizing and common problems.

Smooth and Panicle Hydrangeas.  Both of these reliably flower in colder climates. I show new varieties of both that smaller or more colorful. You’ll learn about common problems and staking the prone-to-flop Annabelle.  To purchase these talks click here.



More dates to follow.


Contact C.L.

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