CL Fornari
C.L. Fornari is a speaker, writer, radio talk show host and gardening consultant
gardening, speaking, lectures, writer, plants, annuals, perennials, shrubs, garden advice, gardens, Cape Cod, radio, gardenlady, garden lady
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Author: CL Fornari

Name:  Helleborus orientalis aka Lenten rose hellebore. Type of Plant:  This is a perennial that is evergreen and grows best in part shade to full shade. They often form seeds and spread, and can naturalize where they are happy. Why I love this: These perennials flower...

Name:  Iris reticulata Type of Plant:  This is one of the first spring bulbs to bloom, often in flower at the same time as crocus but just before the daffodils. The flowers are about six inches tall, and the foliage goes dormant in early summer. This...

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