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I Love Viola x wittrockiana aka Spring Pansies

Name:  Viola x wittrockiana aka Spring Pansies Type of Plant:  The most popular cool-weather annual.   Why I Love This Plant: For those in the northern regions, this is the first annual we can plant outside in the spring. In fact, in many areas they can be planted in...

Spring Foraging on Cape Cod

Join us! Nationally known forager, Ellen Zachos, is on-Cape in April for a class on spring foraging.  (Note: Rain date is Thursday the 20th)

I Love Borago officinalis aka Borage

Name:  Borago officinalis aka Borage Type of Plant: An annual herb native to the Mediterranean. Why I Love This Plant: While this plant is grown on a commercial level for the oil in the seeds, I grow it because the bees love it, and the blue flowers are beautiful in...

Name:   Rhododendron ‘Calsap’ Type of Plant: A Rhododendron that was a cross between ‘Catalgla’ and ‘Sappho’ which produced a plant that’s hardy to...

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