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Bravo Burpee! Sow A Smile
Join Burpee's Sow A Smile Campaign! Post photos of the people you've made smile with #SowASmile.
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Bravo Burpee! Sow A Smile

Bravo Burpee! Sow A Smile

As many of you know, I’ve long been a champion of giveaway bouquets. I shared this post on my Coffee for Roses blog, celebrated the idea on You Can Grow That!, and podcasted about the idea on Plantrama. So I was totally delighted when I got this box from one of my favorite seed companies, Burpee, in the mail yesterday.

Even the box alone made me smile…imagine what the flowers grown from the seeds inside will do!

The idea is this: With every order of annual flowers Burpee customers will get a free packet of Sow A Smile flower seeds. Burpee invites people to plant the seeds and make bouquets of the flowers they’ve grown, then pass these bunches out to friends, co-workers, family members or total strangers. (I’m all for the last suggestion.) No matter who you give them to, and unexpected smile can brighten someone’s entire week! 

 I will #SowASmile and create many Giveaway Bouquets this summer. Thanks, Burpee! 

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