Call For Gardens ~ Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest 2017

Jan 20, 2017 | Lifestuff

This just in from the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce:

Third Annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival
July 7-16, 2017


Cape Cod nonprofits, people with established gardens at their homes, and businesses of all kinds are invited to participate in the third year of this successful festival! The 80+ gardens open during the 2016 festival raised $52,000 for twenty local nonprofits, and dozens of businesses gained new customers using promotions.
Homeowners allow visitors to tour their garden for $5 per person, whichever day(s) they choose during the festival. That garden is connected with a local nonprofit of their choice, and all proceeds from their garden tours benefit that organization. 
Local businesses have offered hydrangea-themed specials, perks and incentives. Host a hydrangea plant sale, offer a discount on floral themed gifts, or even have a workshop on-site. In this way, we create a truly immersive Cape-wide festival!
Need to learn more about
the third Annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival?
Attend our informational session!
Date: Monday, February 13th, 2017
When: 3:30 PM
Location: Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce,

             5 Patti Page Way, Centerville, MA

RSVP by email to 

If you would like to participate,
the time to let us know is NOW!
Any Cape non-profit or business can become part of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival and be listed on the festival website and promotional materials. Organizations that are already members of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce can be a part of the festival without charge, and non-members pay $50 to join. (All proceeds are used to promote the event and support other costs such as signage.)

Confirm your participation by emailing or We will need your finalized garden tour information or event by March 15, 2017. This includes:

  • benefiting nonprofit organization
  • garden addresses
  • date(s) each garden will be open for touring
  • 100-words-or-less per garden descriptions
  • event description
Support Information:
We have created two pages to help you plan for the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival. The first is a general info page that the public can use to find out about the festival itself. You can find that here:
The second page is for Hydrangea Festival insiders, as a helpful resource area to refer to during planning:
Also worth noting, two .PDF’s that you should review…
Have a questions for us? Contact Greta: or


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