Love This!
C.L. Fornari is a speaker, writer, radio talk show host and gardening consultant
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Love This!

Name: Begonia x hybrid BabyWing aka Babywing begonias Type of Plant: An annual begonia for part shade. Why I Love/Hate this plant: Frankly, the world needs more begonias. Since planting impatiens can still be iffy (Impatiens downy mildew) and because many people have part-sun or...

Name: Tulip sp. aka tulips Type of Plant Spring flowering bulb, usually planted in the fall. Why I Love/Hate this plant: Tulips are the magic wands of spring, waving colorful flowers at the end of their stems, cheering us up and onward. I love them...

Name: Dicentra spectabilis ‘Gold Heart’ Type of Plant Spring flowering form of bleeding heart with bright yellow foliage. A perennial that is most striking in early spring when it has the traditional bleeding heart flowers and brilliant foliage.   Why I Love/Hate this plant: At...

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