DIY Wedding Flowers

Mar 6, 2018 | Lifestuff

I had a conversation with someone today who needed options for a DIY wedding. I told her about my book on the topic of garden weddings, of course, but then we went on to talk about other options. I realized that I had photos that others might get inspired by. So here are some options for a DIY rustic wedding…and more to come.

The sill above my kitchen sink is usually filled with assorted glass bottles. This time it was Ranunculus flowers.

At Molly’s wedding we used the same look, both on long tables and round tables.

The idea is to find bottles between 6″ tall and 14″ tall, and to fill them with assorted plants. It’s a wild, casual look.

Since you can do this in any season, with either garden flowers or purchased blooms, it makes things easy.

A casual look is suited to barn receptions.

Tin pails of all sizes can be used for flowers. These happen to be very tall florist buckets.

Living shrubs are an easy way to fill large pots with color for a wedding. This is a Bloomstruck Hydrangea.

Molly’s chuppah was a combination of rustic branches and lush flowers. For this look, use plastic Oasis holders from a craft store or florist supply and put the flowers in soaked floral foam to keep them fresh.

Flowers can be put in wet Oasis on top of other containers such as these milk cans.


For more ideas go to Garden Wedding Expert.


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