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I offer talks to garden clubs, green industry trade meetings and other groups via Zoom. I present engaging talks with beautiful visuals. All of the talks listed on the pages linked below are available virtually, and I continue to craft special presentations for groups as needed.

 Testimonials and accolades:

“Thank you for doing the Friday evening cocktail gardening Zoom calls. They were the best think I found to do in April in the online environment. You really have a gift. Your presentations are clear, balanced and easy to understand. You make it seem effortless – though I appreciate all the effort that goes into putting the calls together.  Thank you.” – Regina O.

“I just finished watching your zoom. You were so wonderful. I want to compliment you on your presentation of your virtual experience. Thank you.” – Kathleen M.
“I’ve attended many webinar, Zoom and real life seminars for gardening. I will say that CL Fornari is one of the best. She shares information in a way that even the most novice gardeners will understand, and those of us who have years of experience always seem to learn something new. The talks are lively and full of information, and I never walk away feeling like I’ve wasted my time. ” – Debra L.

If desired, I will work with your group so you can hold a virtual business meeting before or after my presentation. I will also provide a pdf of the handout in advance so that your program chair can send it to those who are going to be participating. Please contact me for pricing and other details.


Garden Groups

Looking for a great speaker who presents entertaining talks about plants and gardens? C.L. Fornari speaks about gardening, presenting talks suitable for garden clubs, horticultural societies, flower shows, botanical gardens, neighborhood associations, garden geeks, and special interest groups.

Trade Talks

C.L. Fornari presents talks for horticultural trade shows, landscapers, garden centers, nursery retailers, and other professionals.

General Presentations

Keynotes, Meetings, Motivational Presentations


C.L. Fornari selling the excitement about plants and gardening at the Philadelphia Flower Show

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