Fornari Launches New Garden Radio Program

Apr 1, 2020 | Lifestuff

April 1st, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In a statement released today, author and broadcaster C.L. Fornari announced that she is launching a new radio program  called Garden Lie. Fornari is the long-time host of GardenLine, heard on WXTK, and the co-host of Plantrama.

In her press release Fornari says that this new program, heard on the WLIE Broadcasting network, is her “if you can’t beat them, join them” response to the false information that circulates on the internet. “I kept seeing the same photos of rainbow roses, animals tucked into flowers and daisies with human eyeballs in them. And this is just the beginning. Clearly, the public loves fake news, so I’ve started a plant-based program that will give it to them.” 

Author and radio host C.L. Fornari launches a new show on the Fake News Network station, WLIE.

Fornari says that future shows will feature Garden Guru Godzilla and his sidekick Gnome, plant breeder and Photoshop expert Itzall Digital, and even her podcast co-host, forager Ellen Zachos. 

Hear forager Ellen Zachos tell about her discovery of a wild Yule Log, the first known feral chocolate cake of this type.


Listen as plant breeder Itzall Digital reveals how he developed the first poppy that has been crossed with the sky.


Regular guests on Garden Lie include Garden Guru Godzilla and his sidekick Gnome. Calling themselves “The G Team,” this duo promises to tell how you can turn every backyard garden into your own personal G spot.

You can tune into Garden Lie radio wherever you normally find your misinformation. 


  1. Phyllis M. Washburn

    Does this mean there’s no more Saturday morning radio show? or is this the new .replacement. for that? While I’ll miss the former, I do look forward to enjoying your new adventure “Garden Lie’.. I am a new member to your site but have listened and followed your gardening advise for a long time.. Gardens and household plants have always been an
    part of my life. Success in this new program.

    • CL Fornari

      Phyllis – consider that this is posted on April Fools Day…
      Glad that you’re a confirmed listener to GardenLine!

  2. Catherine Logan

    I think your first guest speakers should be C.A. Gardner who could give us the dirt on spring flowers, or B.A. Bud who could speak about hand pollinating.


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