Garden Groups – In Person or Virtual, Zoom Presentations
Entertaining and informative gardening talks crafted for your group. Learn why others say "She's the best speaker we've ever had!"
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Garden Groups – In Person or Virtual, Zoom Presentations

Garden Speaker / Lectures ~ In Person or Virtual


Looking for a great speaker who presents entertaining talks about plants and gardens? C.L. Fornari speaks about gardening, presenting talks suitable for garden clubs, libraries, horticultural societies, flower shows, botanical gardens, neighborhood associations, garden geeks, and special interest groups.  Whether you are needing a virtual presentation during the pandemic or are planning a future live event, contact C.L. Fornari for details.

Zoom Presentations

I present clear, engaging talks virtually to groups that are large or small. Any of the programs you see on this page can be given virtually.

To get a feel of what my virtual presentations are like, click here.

Please contact me for availability and pricing.  I make sure that every talk I give is appropriate to the region where I’m speaking, even if that talk is being given over Zoom. I also allow plenty of time for answering questions that are typed in using the chat function. I look forward to providing an entertaining and informative talk to your group.

Testimonials and accolades:

“Thank you for doing the Friday evening cocktail gardening Zoom calls. They were the best think I found to do in April in the online environment. You really have a gift. Your presentations are clear, balanced and easy to understand. You make it seem effortless – though I appreciate all the effort that goes into putting the calls together.  Thank you,  Regina O.”

I just finished watching your zoom. You were so wonderful. I want to compliment you on your presentation of your virtual experience.” Thank you, Kathleen M.

I’ve attended many webinar, Zoom and real life seminars for gardening. I will say that CL Fornari is one of the best. She shares information in a way that even the most novice gardeners will understand, and those of us who have years of experience always seem to learn something new. The talks are lively and full of information, and I never walk away feeling like I’ve wasted my time.
Debra L.

If you’d like me to send emails that your group can contact for references, please let me know. 

Myths, Lies, and All the Latest Dirt

Yes, sometimes the information that’s passed from gardener to gardener is rock solid wisdom, but occasionally some commonly held beliefs about plants and gardens are misleading or out and out false, or new research contradicts traditional gardening practices. This down-and-dirty talk helps gardeners sort through the folklore and hype surrounding plants, practices and products.

Party Crashers: Self Seeding Annuals

You didn’t invite them to your garden party but they came anyway. Maybe they arrived with another plant, or had been invited to the celebration in previous seasons. Now they show up every summer whether summoned or not. Yet these Party Crashers arrive so colorfully dressed, and with such spirit, that you allow some of them to stay. This talk is about self-seeding annuals that can’t resist a good gathering. It’s also about the gardener being a good host; how to recognize which plants will be the life of the party, and which ones we should escort off the premises.

Start Where You Are: Garden Design and Established Landscapes 

This talk focuses on design principles and specific suggestions for people who already have a yard and garden and want to learn how to best make improvements. It is beautifully illustrated presentation (think “before and after”) which acknowledges that most of us don’t start with a blank slate. I explain how assorted changes – some simple and some more extensive – can enhance a garden’s appearance and functionality.

Color All Summer: Reports From Annual Alley

Anyone who’s been to my property at Poison Ivy Acres knows that I love all types of plants, from the tallest of trees to the shortest of perennials and mosses. But I wouldn’t be without annuals because most of them give me flowers all summer and into the fall. Every year I plant them among my perennials and shrubs and in the strip along my vegetable garden that I call “Annual Alley.” This talk presents annuals from several angles: great new varieties and why I love them, new ways of designing with old favorites, alternatives to Impatiens in the era of downy mildew, self-seeders, and creative containers for deck, patio, and garden.

Cannabis: Growing Your Own

For those interested in herbal medicine, Cannabis is a plant that they want to grow. Some are interested in using this plant’s CBD’s for pain relief or for dealing with insomnia and arthritis. Others want to grow it for the THC, while many gardeners wish to make cannabinoid-infused oils for topical applications. No matter what your focus, this is an interesting plant that has specific growth requirements. This presentation provides accurate information about the plant that Jeff Lowenfels calls “the new tomato.”

Note: In Massachusetts it’s now legal, within specific guidelines, to grow up to six Cannabis plants per person, twelve per household. This talk will explain how to raise Cannabis responsibly and organically, within MA state guidelines. This is a presentation about growing the plant, not about using it medically or therapeutically.

Cannabis - growing your own

Saving Summer

Those flowering annuals, tropical plants and tender perennials look so good at the end of the summer, that you want to know how to keep them over the winter. This talk explains how to keep the tropical, the tender, the tricky and the tried and true.

Perennial Bed Maintenance

The need-to-do, the nice-to-do, and the maybe-not-necessary-to-do: everything you need to know about keeping your perennial garden beautiful.

The 21st Century Flower Garden

The 21st Century Flower Garden is more than a bed of pretty flowers. These plants have a purpose! Random acts of kindness, privacy screening, celebrations, and attracting pollinators…in addition to providing us with colorful blooms. Find out about changes in flower garden design and planting options, and how you might want to shake things up in your 21st century landscape.

Success With Vegetables

You don’t have to be a foodie to want homegrown vegetables. Produce that’s right from the garden tastes better, is better for you because it’s fresher, and contains a deep satisfaction factor. It used to be that veggie gardens were confined to the backyard or the farm, but now even those with small yards, urban balconies, or other tiny spaces can grow their own food. This talk presents some of the newer ways to grow your own food, some “tricks of the trade” and some varieties that succeed against all odds.

Pruning Demystified!

Be a barber, not a butcher…from holly to hydrangeas, learn the proper way to prune your shrubs and trees.

Hydrangea Happiness, Hydrangea Hysteria

From blue mopheads and lacecaps to white “pee gees,” there are hydrangeas for every garden. Learn which varieties will live and flower well in your gardens. Find out how to prune those blue-flowering plants that produce blooms on “old wood.” Discover those types that won’t grow over the windowsills or take over the foundation bed. And celebrate the many shrubs that add color and long-lasting flowers to your garden.

The Cocktail Hour Garden

For most of us, life is jam-packed. In the 21st century it becomes even more important to take a break at the end of the work day, put aside our digital devices and reconnect with other people and the natural world. This talk explores how we can all benefit from a garden created for the senses. Whether you sit in such a space with a cup of coffee in the morning, an iced tea in the afternoon, or a cocktail at the end of the day, The Cocktail Hour Garden will be a refuge where you can relax, recharge, and reconnect with other people and the natural world.

Home Remedies ~ The Good, The Bad, and the What Were You Thinking?

It can be fun to think that the answer to all your garden problems is already in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards, but are household products or homemade brews really effective in the garden? This amusing and informative talk looks at remedies that are passed over the backyard fences outdoors, through Facebook or on Pinterest. Learn what works and what’s a waste of time…and which “solutions” are actually garden disasters.

Home Remedies
hydrangea festival

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival: Growing Something Good

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival is a ten day period when Cape gardens are open to the public for the benefit of local non-profits. Although it is organized under the umbrella of our signature flower, the blue hydrangea, it is our seaside gardens and landscapes that are being celebrated.  This talk is about how everyone in the community benefits from garden tourism. From businesses and residents, to the non-profits and horticulture itself, such regional celebrations feed us all.

Note: I speak on many other topics as well. Other aspects of gardening with annuals, perennials, organic gardening, flowering shrubs, container gardening and garden Q & A to name just a few subjects. If you don’t see the talk you’re looking for, please contact to arrange a program that suits your organization’s needs.

If you’ve heard me speak please leave a review of my work at Great Garden Speakers.

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Contact information:
For details about these or other talks and workshops,
please contact me by email at: clfornari at gmail dot com
Mail: C.L. Fornari P.O. Box 355 Osterville, MA 02655
Phone: 508-428-5895

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