General Presentations ~ Zoom or In Person
C.L. Fornari is a speaker, writer, radio talk show host and gardening consultant
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General Presentations ~ Zoom or In Person

Keynotes, Meetings, Sermons and Motivational Presentations ~ Live or Virtual Via Zoom

In addition to the talks listed here I do several other presentations for businesses, women’s groups, alumni associations, neighborhood organizations and churches. I also enjoy speaking to “lunch and learn” groups and company meetings. My talks are uplifting and thoughtful; please contact me for details.

To sample what a Zoom presentation looks like, go here.

Zoom Talks For Businesses

I am happy to provide in person or virtual talks for businesses. Be it a “lunch and learn” type gathering or a cocktail-hour-chill after the workday, I look forward to being with your group. Events for clients are also available. Attendees don’t need to have green thumbs…just the willingness to laugh, learn and enjoy a life-affirming and entertaining talk. Contact me for details.

Cocktails or Coffee in C.L.’s Gardens

Join me for a virtual cocktail hour (or coffee break, tea party) in my gardens. I’ll present a garden-based beverage while the group shares what they’re sipping in the chat session. Then we’ll stroll around Poison Ivy Acres together. You’ll get ideas for containers on porches and decks, see colorful combinations of annuals and perennials, and discover creative ways to have fun with plants in your own landscape. I’ll share some tips for growing vegetables and how to easily preserve or cook with the harvest. You’ll see my cutting garden, Annual Alley, the fragrance/bird garden and several flower beds. The handout contains names of plants that more people should know and grow, tips for easier maintenance and more. A relaxing but idea-generating program for all types of groups.

Cocktails in Fornari Garden
Treasure Everywhere

There’s Treasure Everywhere!

This virtual tour of beautiful gardens presents ideas, information and inspirations gathered from private and public gardens coast-to-coast and beyond. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting gardens throughout the USA, Canada and Europe, privately and with the GardenComm organization, and have put together a visual feast that will get your creative juices flowing for your own property. You’ll see many styles of gardens, get design ideas, learn about new plants and combinations and see how others have solved problems. The handout contains tips for design, plant names and a list of the public gardens shown so that you can plan future garden-tourism trips.

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival: Growing Something Good

The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival is a ten day period when Cape gardens are open to the public for the benefit of local non-profits. Although it is organized under the umbrella of our signature flower, the blue hydrangea, it is our seaside gardens and landscapes that are being celebrated.  This talk is about how everyone in the community benefits from garden tourism. From businesses and residents, to the non-profits and horticulture itself, such regional celebrations feed us all.

Note: On Cape Cod I will give this talk free to groups such local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary organizations, garden clubs and neighborhood associations. Contact me to see if I have openings in my speaking schedule. Off-Cape my normal speaking fees apply.

hydrangea festival
What do you want to grow

What Do YOU Want To Grow?

Planting personal power.

We all have choices, but sometimes they aren’t easy to recognize as such. This heart filled, humorous talk reminds audiences of the power we all have to move forward against all odds. Groups and organizations that work with volunteers will find this presentation particularly appropriate.

Location, Location, Location

What Every Realtor Needs to Know About Gardens

As a real estate professional you’re frequently called upon to give a client advice about all aspects of a property, from the plumbing to the pool, or the gables to the gardens. This presentation provides realtors with a list of must-know garden basics presented in a fun, easy to absorb manner. Learn how to better advise your clients <em>and</em> tricks for staging and improving less-than-perfect yards.

Roots, Flowers & Wings

Still Growing After 55

You’ve seen a lot of life in your time. After nurturing careers, participating in volunteer activities, raising a family, helping elderly parents, contributing to your community and dealing with assorted physical problems, you can truthfully say, “Been there, done that.” But are you still growing?

Whether you’re retired or still working, moving full steam ahead or slowing down, your roots are, for better or worse, firmly in place…now it’s time to think about flowers and wings. What do you want to do now? How about host a podcast, create a local festival, or write a book?  This talk is for women age 55 and older, and explores how we can cultivate growth for the rest of our lives.

Time Travel

In 1967 my father was killed in a plane crash in Vietnam. He was leading a team of educators on a mission for USAID. The team was headed from Saigon to Hue when it crashed, killing all aboard. Fast forward to the present, when I posted something about that crash on Facebook. Imagine my surprise when a fellow plant lover and volunteer master garden who I’d known for 20 years commented on that post, “My father was on that same flight.” This talk is about connections, healing and how it’s never to late to heal childhood wounds. It moves from my experience connecting with the children of the Air America crash in March of 1967 to the importance of honoring all our stories and experiences, especially those of children.


I have filled the pulpit for several congregations and provided non-denominational services for conferences. Topics include: Joy; The High Summer Garden; A Complaint Free World; A Simple Good Deed; The Eight Rules for Successful Growth; and The Low-Maintenance Garden, The Easy Life and The Quiet Mind, and others. Please contact me for details.

A Garden Book Group

Love reading and plants? Join me as we have a virtual talk about books that are plant and garden related. I will talk about several books, some practical, how-to nonfiction, and others fiction or garden entertainment. After my presentation we’ll all share recommendations for books, podcasts and movies that are making us happy.

Book Club

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Contact information:
For details about these or other talks and workshops,
please contact me by email at: clfornari at gmail dot com
Mail: C.L. Fornari P.O. Box 355 Osterville, MA 02655
Phone: 508-428-5895

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