I Love BabyWing Begonias

May 31, 2019 | Love This!

Name: Begonia x hybrid BabyWing aka Babywing begonias

Type of Plant: An annual begonia for part shade.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: Frankly, the world needs more begonias. Since planting impatiens can still be iffy (Impatiens downy mildew) and because many people have part-sun or part-shade situations in the landscape, we can use some great begonias that will thrive and flower in our yards and gardens. BabyWing is just such a plant. A bit taller and looser in habit than the old standby wax begonias…but not too tall.

These plants come in white, pink, red and bi-color (coral and white) and are fairly drought tolerant. They will flower all summer from planting into fall.

A Word to the Wise: These plants do best in part-sun or part-shade. They tolerate full sun as well, but won’t flower as much in full shade.

BabyWing bicolor is a coral and white – this goes well with most other colors in the garden and your containers. Thanks to BallSeed for this image. 

I’m planting pink BabyWing begonias in my window boxes that get part-sun. Come see how they are flowering when my garden is open during the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival.

Here is the information that BallSeed provides on these plants.

These begonias are perfect for those who have window boxes that have varying light conditions. If you’ve got sun on one side and part-shade on the other, check out Babywing begonias.


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