I Love Berried Treasure Red Strawberry
Looking for a charming plant for the herb garden, edging for a cottage garden, window boxes or containers? Have I got a plant for you! Ornamental flowers, edible berries and charm, charm, charm.
Berried Treasure Strawberry
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I Love Berried Treasure Red Strawberry

I Love Berried Treasure Red Strawberry

Name: Frageria ananassa aka Berried Treasure Red Strawberry from Proven Winners

Type of Plant: This is a perennial strawberry that flowers repeatedly and continually forms tasty fruit. Hardy from zone 4 through 9, a plant for full sun.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: The Proven Winners folks sent me this as a test plant last summer and I absolutely loved it all season. The foliage was a bright, clean green all summer. The plant produced many bloom stems with cheerful, dark pink flowers and these always developed into fruit.

A Word to the Wise This plant shows it’s ornamental abilities best in a pot where you can see the flower stems and fruit well. It would also be great on a wall that puts the plant at eye-level, or in window boxes. I grew my pot in part sun from dawn until about noon, and it was in constant flower from late-May into October. A winner for edible and ornamental uses.

Note that it’s very hard to protect strawberries from chipmunks and other critters…although I ate quite a few berries off of my plant, the chipmunks got more than I did. Since this plant is so beautiful I didn’t mind sharing, but if you’re growing berries for your winter survival, you might want to rig up some electrified hanging baskets (just kidding here…maybe) or other protection.

Here is how this plant looked in early June in my pot. Pretty foliage, cheerful flowers and ornamental and edible fruit.

All summer my strawberry plant flowered and made fruit – it was charming among pots of other herbs and vegetables.

And the plant kept producing berries into the fall.

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