I Love Cuphea hybrid ‘Cupver’, aka Cuphea Vermillionaire

Oct 2, 2020 | Love This!

Name:  Cuphea hybrid ‘Cupver’ aka cigar plant, Cuphea Vermillionaire, firecracker plant

Type of Plant:  This Cuphea is an annual in northern climates but can be perennial in Zones 8-11 It grows 18 to 24 inches high and wide, and flowers all summer.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: I buy several pots of this plant every summer, and make sure that it’s included in pots and boxes on my front and back porch. First of all, it’s a hummingbird magnet. The hummers will go to this plant every day, morning until evening, and will even defend it from other birds and butterflies. Secondly, this Cuphea is in flower from the moment you buy it in May until hard frost. No deadheading, pinching or other maintenance required. Additionally, the fine foliage and small orange flowers add contrast of color and texture that enliven any mixed container. It’s especially good when combined with pinks, blues and other pastels because the dash of orange makes the combination come ALIVE! And did I mention the hummingbirds? 😉

A Word to the Wise:  Full sun, or at least five hours of dead-on sunshine is important. When planting in containers, mix a combination of a time-release, synthetic fertilizer with an equal amount of a granular organic product such as Plant-tone, into the potting mix before you put the plants into the containers.


The flowers on this Cuphea are hummingbird favorites and make your containers come alive.

Here is a box that I dressed up for fall, but left the Cuphea on each end because it still looks great in autumn. Migrating hummingbirds appreciate it as well.

A dash of orange is always good in the garden, and this plant needs not dead heading or other on-going attention.

My trough containers always have Cuphea on each end every year. The humminbirds count on it!


  1. Mary Robblee

    Dear C.L.,I bought this plant this year because of your earlier recommendation. I kept it on our dining table that’s on the deck with a group of other plants. It was truly carefree and was great all summer and is still in bloom..The hummingbirds came to it all summer even when we were sitting there.What a treat.I also had pineapple mint and Emerald Towers basil .Thanks to you. Mary

  2. Kirsti

    I live in Vancouver and bring mine in just before first sign of winter. They will look dead but it’s been 2 weeks in my sunny dining room and they are bushy green with a few flowers already. And it’s only early March.


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