I Love Geranium sanguineum
Looking for an easy perennial that blooms in June? Geranium sanguineum is the plant for you. This low-growing plant self-seeds in a charming but not too aggressive way, and it makes good "socks and shoes" for shrubs.
Geranium sanguineum, bloody cranesbill geranium, june flowering perennial, socks and shoes for shrubs
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I Love Geranium sanguineum

I Love Geranium sanguineum

Name: Geranium sanguineum aka bloody cranesbill geranium

Type of Plant: A low growing (1.5 feet tall and wide) perennial for full sun to part shade.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: I love the plant because it gently self-seeds in the garden, is fairly weed smothering, and is covered with pink flowers in June. The species plant has bright pink flowers and there are other varieties that are light pink.

This is an adaptable plant that the deer and rabbits leave alone. It makes a good under-planting for shrubs and a nice front-of-the-border plant for a perennial garden.

A Word to the Wise: There are two ways to handle this plant after it stops flowering. The first is to leave it as is, but know that the seeds that result will sow and grow here and there. The second way to handle it is to chop it down to the ground after the blooms fade, and it will respond with new foliage and even a few new flowers.

The only geranium I planted in this area is the one on the top left-hand corner. Yet this plant has gently spread along the entire front of the shed and below. All this with, of course, my permission.

I love the way this plant self-seeds here and there but it doesn’t form a heavy carpet of plants.

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