I Love Golden Bleeding Heart
A spring garden isn't complete without bleeding heart, and the variety called 'Gold Heart' is especially striking.
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I Love Golden Bleeding Heart

I Love Golden Bleeding Heart

Name: Dicentra spectabilis ‘Gold Heart’

Type of Plant Spring flowering form of bleeding heart with bright yellow foliage. A perennial that is most striking in early spring when it has the traditional bleeding heart flowers and brilliant foliage.  

Why I Love/Hate this plant: At the time of year when we need color and sweetness the most, this plant delivers both in spades. Hardy in zones 3-9, it comes up in April and flowers in May, growing about 20” high. Plant this in part sun to full shade. I find it’s best when it gets at least three hours of sun, especially if it’s early morning or late afternoon.

A Word to the Wise: This plant is not drought or heat tolerant so it might disappear in the summer depending on the temperatures and soil conditions. Water it deeply once a week in hot weather and fertilize this plant with a good general organic fertilizer every year. But if it disappears on you in mid-summer don’t despair…it will most likely be back the following spring. Since it often doesn’t last all summer, plant this in and around later-emerging plants such as Hosta.

Every spring garden can use a jolt of bright color such as this Dicentra ‘Gold Heart.’

I have this planted in an area where other perennials are later to emerge. In a cool season it might be with me all summer, but in a hot or dry year the plant goes dormant in July.



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