I Love Iris Reticulata aka Dwarf Iris or Netted Iris

Mar 18, 2022 | Love This!

Name: Iris reticulata – aka Dwarf Iris or Netted Iris

Type of Plant: One of the earliest blooming bulbs – in flower on Cape Cod in March into April.

Why I Love This Plant: This is one of the first spring flowers to come into bloom. Just a week or two after the crocus flower, these Iris pop out of the ground and delight us with their blue and purple flowers.

A Word to the Wise: Plant these iris bulbs in the fall when they’re available, and tuck them in between perennial or in front of shrubs where you’re sure to see them in the early spring.

I took this photo of the Iris reticulata with a soil thermometer to show how this plant is in bloom when the soil is still COLD. Yes, 40° to 45° is too chilly for most plants to be germinating or flowering. But the netted iris is right there, in full bloom!

Since these iris are dwarf, they fit in well between clumps of perennials. Even those perennials that are slow to emerge! You’d never guess that there are hosta and ferns in this area, but they are indeed there, waiting for warmer temperatures to emerge.



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