I Love Kalanchoe luciae aka flapjack plant or paddle plant  

Feb 5, 2021 | Love This!

Name: Kalanchoe luciae aka flapjack plant or paddle plant  

Type of Plant:   A succulent with large, round, stalkless leaves.

Why I Love/Hate this plant:   I love this plant because it’s attractive and easy to grow. The large leaves are grayish-green with a slight blue tinge, and the plant thrives in a western or south-facing window. This plant is easy to propagate as well. Just remove one of the leaves and stick it in a pot of cactus mix potting soil! If a piece breaks off, plant it!

I like how this plant can be used in various containers outside with other succulents. It’s especially useful for wall pockets and other small, dry places.

A Word to the Wise:  Water the plant well when the soil is dry, but don’t keep it constantly moist.  You might want to plant this in a clay pot that is heavy enough to prevent the weight of the leaves from pulling the container over.

The large, round leaves of this Kalanchoe luciae are beautiful in form and are very problem free, inside and out. The more bright sunlight they are exposed to, the more the edges of the leaves turn red.

Plant the flapjack succulent in a variety of containers. Just be sure that the pot is heavy enough to prevent the weight of the leaves from tipping it all over.

I broke off a piece of a paddle plant and stuck it in the bird wall pocket. Like the other succulents in this wall pocket planter, the Kalanchoe can stand going dry between waterings, and it doesn’t need much soil or root-room.


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