I Love Lathyrus odoratus, aka Sweet Peas

Jul 15, 2022 | Love This!

Name: Lathyrus odoratus, aka Sweet Pea

Type of Plant:  Annual vine, grown from seeds.

Why I Love This Plant: They are sweet in all phases, and the old-fashioned varieties are fragrant. I love them for cut flowers in small bouquets, and in a container growing up a small obelisk or on small trellises. For earlier flowers in May, start the seeds 6 weeks before you can put them out.

A Word to the Wise:  These plants love cool weather, and I just happened to luck out this year since June was so cool. Like the peas you plant in the garden, however, once the hot weather hits these old-fashioned annuals may turn yellow and die, so be prepared to do a quick replacement planting of other tall annuals or vines once they go.

Deadhead the flowers as they go by to encourage the blooming as long as the plants thrive.

The seeds that I used were the heirloom variety from Botanical Interest. I bought my Botanical Interest seeds at Hyannis Country Garden this spring. 

I love watching the new flowers emerge…they are such a stylish plant in this phase.

I planted the sweet peas in one of my livestock troughs, and placed a tall, red metal obelisk in that container for them to climb on.

These annuals are favorites of mine. My grandmother grew them at her cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Since it was cooler there, she had them flowering all summer.

These are perfect for smaller supports, but have a backup plan for when they fade later in hot, summer weather.


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