I Love The ‘Climbing America’ Rose

Nov 18, 2016 | Love This!

Imagine: There’s a sunny side of your house or shed that really could use some greenery and flowers to soften the space. You’ve dreamed about growing roses up a trellis in these spots but you’ve always heard that roses are difficult. You’re not a fussy, constantly-tweaking-the-plants type of homeowner, so are roses really the right choice?

But you have a dream of seeing a bright colored rose, with a real rose-shaped flower, growing up the building, so you go for it. And since you’ve chosen a ‘Climbing America’ your dream comes true.

Name: Rosa ‘Climbing America’

Type of Plant: A climbing rose with rich coral/salmon colored flowers. Hardy in zones 5-9 (although some say 4) and a fairly disease resistant plant for full sun. Repeat blooming all summer when deadheaded.

Why I love this: This is a climbing rose that doesn’t get so large that it overwhelms the average side-of-the-house trellis or small arbor. I love the real-rose shape and the strong coral color of the flowers. And I’m appreciative at how this climber keeps producing blooms from May until very hard frost.

A Word to the Wise: In summers that are very wet or damp and cool, like other roses this plant is prone to blackspot. So if the weather is trending in that direction spray with an organic fungicide.

Like all roses, fertilize frequently, apply composted manure at least once a year and water deeply once a week.

When I pull into my driveway every evening I'm greeted with these roses...even today on November 18th!

When I pull into my driveway every evening I’m greeted with these roses…even today on November 18th!

This is the climbing rose that made me fall in love with Climbing America. What a coral color!

This is the climbing rose that made me fall in love with Climbing America. What a coral color, and the plant doesn’t grow so large that it devours the building.

On the side of my garage, this rose flowers from mid-June on.

On the side of my garage, this rose flowers from mid-June on.


  1. Terry

    You don’t mention a scent, does it have any?

    • CL Fornari

      Terry – you’re right, I don’t mention it because they aren’t really fragrant. If you want a climber that’s fragrant, go with Collette.

  2. Erica P

    This is such a beautiful rose. I’m going to purchase it next year.

  3. Shelley

    I just picked up one at Aldi and i’m glad to read your positive review!

    • CL Fornari

      Just took a look at your blog, Shelley, and I like your style! Love this line: “Side note WHO THOUGHT MAKING SAUCE OUT OF TUNA FISH AND POURING IT OVER VEAL WAS A GOOD IDEA?!?! And it’s served COLD.” Keep it up – you have a great voice.

  4. Julie Kurowski

    I have had 2 climbing America rose bushes for 9 years and I do have the right color and beautiful blooms, but it has never grown past 2.5 ft. Can you tell me why?

    • CL Fornari

      It’s impossible on a website to diagnose why your rose might be shorter. But often it’s something that’s happening at soil level. Compact ground, not enough nutrition or water etc. Or maybe it’s a spontaneous dwarf. Dig it up, move it to another spot with loosened soil that is augmented with composted manure and wait to see what happens.


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