I Love The Oso Easy Petit Pink Rose

Jul 10, 2020 | Love This!

Name:  Rosa ‘ZLEMarianne Yoshida’ aka Oso Easy Petit Pink landscape rose.

Type of Plant:  A shrub rose that stays under 4 feet and is repeat flowering and disease resistant. This rose has bubblegum pink flowers that are small but numerous.

Why I Love/Hate this plant   This spring was pretty much a prescription for black spot on roses in this area, and I love the fact that the Oso Easy Petit Pink shows very little black spot damage. I also like the compact form, and I know that many gardeners will appreciate having a lower-growing plant for around patios, in foundation plantings and for growing in perennial gardens.

A Word to the Wise:   Like any rose, you want to provide compost-enriched soil, an organic fertilizer formulated for roses, and a two inch layer of mulch to suppress weeds and hold in moisture. Although this, like many landscape roses, don’t require deadheading, doing so can accelerate repeat blooming.

This shrub rose is filled with small, pink flowers.

This rose is perfect for combining with perennials in a flower garden.

The old flower stems are easily removed with a quick clipping with scissors or a pair of pruners. Notice that this plant has a bit of blackspot but is still green and thriving while flowering.  I have many other roses that are totally filled with black spot this summer, so this one is appreciated for its resistance.


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