I Love Variegated New Guinea Impatiens
Looking for a brilliant annual that will bring color to your garden from early summer until hard frost? Have I got a plant for you.
bright annuals, variegated impatiens, New Guinea Impatiens
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I Love Variegated New Guinea Impatiens

I Love Variegated New Guinea Impatiens

Name: Variegated forms of Impatiens hawkeri aka New Guinea Impatiens

Type of Plant: Low-maintenance annual that grows to about 12 inches tall.

Why I Love/Hate this plant: I’m loving the variegated form of this very useful annual because you get green and yellow foliage and the colorful flowers. This is a bright plant for places where you want color, color and color all summer.

A Word to the Wise: Plant these in groups of 5 or more. They are so brilliant that if planted in smaller groups they will become “dots” in the garden that draw attention without adding drama. More is more with this brilliant plant.

I love how the yellow in the foliage marries well with other yellow tones in the garden, such as the variegated hakon grass (Aureola) to the left of the New Guinea Impatiens.

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