In Praise of Seasonal Flowers

Feb 29, 2016 | Lifestuff

In Northern America we live in a time when we so often can ignore the seasons. The grocery stores sell strawberries, apples and asparagus twelve months a year so when you’re in the produce section you have no idea what season it is. Flowers too are hot-house grown and shipped from all over the globe, so roses and tulips can be purchased summer, winter, fall and spring.

But there are some flowers that defy this global, it-could-be-any-season marketplace. Thankfully. The Ranunculus is one. This cool-season bulb is sold in pots in garden centers in the spring, and as cut flowers in the winter. My husband frequently sends me cut Ranunculus from Battenfeld‘s, a grower in New York state. They are only available from November through March. I saw them in Trader Joe’s last weekend and wanted to buy the entire bucket so that I could revel in their only-sold-for-a-limited-time beauty.

Ranunculus have rose-like flowers in clear, citrus colors. They are long-lasting as cut flowers, and are perfect for combining with pansies in early spring planters and window boxes. Savor the season, and celebrate winter melting into spring.



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