Make a Garden Lighthouse

Mar 1, 2017 | Projects/Crafts

I decided to revisit the instructions I wrote a few years ago for creating a lighthouse garden ornament using a galvanized chicken feeder.  You can make one for the garden or as table decorations for a special event.

Here is one version of a garden lighthouse made with a chicken feeder planted with succulents.

You need:
The galvanized chicken feeder. 
Soil for planting.
A florist bucket or tall vase.
A tube of waterproof adhesive for attaching the feeder to the bucket.
A Mason Jar or vintage telephone pole insulator.
Digital Tea Lights

Here are just some of the options for making a lighthouse. You might have most of what you need in your garden shed right now.

First you fill the chicken feeder with soil and plant the succulents in the side holes.

Glue the feeder on top of your bucket, add a tea light and top with the mason jar or insulator.

Here’s a blue bucket lighthouse in the garden.

I found a bucket with holes (???) and used a turquoise insulator for this one.

If you can’t find an old insulator at a thrift store or flea market, you can top your lighthouse with a small Mason jar.


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