Planning A Cutting Garden

Feb 26, 2017 | Gardens

You want to be able to cut a few flowers and stick them in a row of bottles above your kitchen sink. Perhaps you want to snip some colorful blooms in the garden and take them in for your desk at work. Or maybe you want to be able to create garden arrangements for a wedding, party or gift.

All possible.

“What should I plant in a cutting garden?” Here are some suggestions for annuals and perennials that you can plant this spring and cut flowers from this summer.

These bottles contain stems from: Drift roses (peach), purple Verbena bonariensis, yellow perennial mums (Dendranthema ‘Mary Stoker’), black-eyed Susan (‘Goldsturm’ Rudbeckia), pink summer Phlox, and a tall yellow Verbascum.

Got herbs? If so, combine them with flowers for great color and aromatherapy at home or at work. In this bouquet Oregano flowers, sage leaves and rosemary stems are mixed with Rudbeckia triloba (small black-eyed Susans), Queen Red Lime Zinnias, one orange Zinnia and peach Dahlias. 

Limelight Hydrangea flowers turn greenish pink as they age, making them wonderful for cutting even in late summer. Here they are combined with peach perennial yarrow, pink zinnias, purple/white dahlias, fountain grass plumes and some blue Caryopteris shrub flowers.

Home picked flowers massed in a tin bucket can be a wonderful gift. In this pail are zinnias, dahlias, goldenrod, and Blue Horizon Ageratum. ‘Blue Horizon’ is one of my must-plant annuals for cutting.


When planting zinnias, look for the tall varieties. You can’t go wrong with the seeds from Renee’s Garden. These can either be started a few weeks ahead indoors, or planted directly in the ground once the temperatures in your area are reliably above 50 degrees at night.


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