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Sand & Soil

Creating Beautiful Gardens on the Cape and Islands

With a climate in equal measure challenging and rewarding, the Cape and Islands of Massachusetts provide a bold canvas for any would-be tamers of this unique landscape. In these pages, C.L. Fornari offers expert advice with the warm and casual tone of a broadly knowledgable and informed friend. The author of many acclaimed gardening books, quite a number of them focusing on the Cape’s specific landscape and growing conditions, C.L. had lived and gardened on the Cape for twenty-five years herself. Drawing on her own experience, she deftly disentangles the many idiosyncrasies and potential pitfalls of growing a healthy and beautiful garden, both there and on the surrounding islands of Martha s Vineyard and Nantucket. Complete with an index to help you navigate the parade of flowers, fungicides, and footstools, Sand & Soil is the perfect how-to survival guide to assuage your horticultural anxieties and bring forth beautiful blooms from the sandy soil of this legendary landscape.



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