Spring Equinox

Mar 20, 2017 | Gardens

Today is the first day of spring. In some parts of the world spring weather has come and gone. In others it is in full bloom, while in the more northern regions it’s a season that we’re still looking forward to. But whether you’re past it, fully immersed or still waiting for Spring to arrive, I urge you to celebrate the Equinox today. If you can’t yet plant something outdoors, make yourself a miniature landscape or spring dish garden inside. Take a pot of pansies to a friend, or leave a basket of spring flowers on a doorstop, MayDay style. Splurge on a bouquet of tulips, or pick up a new tool at the garden center.

Celebrate the return of the growing season and our ability to cultivate renewal.

If you can’t plant in the ground, make yourself a bowl of spring indoors!


In a fit of optimism I planted pansies in the urns by my front door. True, it’s snowing today, and the temperatures are said to remain cold next week. I don’t care. It’s SPRING!


Don’t worry if it’s still cold. The pansies might slow down their flowering for awhile, but they’ll hand on and bloom again when the temperatures warm.


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