Top 10 Reasons To Come to Ithaca for the Solstice 2018

May 30, 2018 | Garden Travel

Top 10 Reasons for Garden Communicators to Celebrate The Solstice in Ithaca NY
In reverse order, David Letterman style:

#10 It’s the end of June! The mad planting rush is over and you can finally ease up a bit and enjoy the growing season. Time to celebrate by leaving your own gardens and connecting with other plant geeks.

#9  Pick up a goodie bag with samples and information you can use in your gardens and your work as a “plant pusher.”

#8  Attend the night before and night after connect meetings to eat, drink and be merry…not to mention network with others and share information about your goals in garden communications.

#7  Go to the early morning photo shoot and take pictures you’ll use in future talks, blog posts, or magazine and book proposals.

#6  Wander through the beautiful Cornell Botanical Gardens, getting inspired about new plants and garden design.

#5  Get inside information about the Cornell research into retail potting mixes…just what is in the bagged “potting soil” you and the public are buying?

#4   Meet other garden communicators and ask them about how to better monetize your horticultural expertise.

#3  Tour Cornell Greenhouse Labs and see the plants and research that’s being grown.

#2  View the trial gardens at Bluegrass Lane: discover new varieties that are already looking good in late June. Get ideas for future blogs, social networking posts or article pitches as you see what’s being tested.

#1 It’s the longest day of the year, which is something to be celebrated. Come for a day that is all about bringing more light into the world.

Register for this very special event here.

Come talk about plants and your goals for the rest of the summer. Discover what others are growing this season, and discuss how we can all become better plant pushers.

The longest day of the year should be celebrated! And what better way to do it than with talk about plants and gardens.


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