What I’m Grateful For – The “P” Edition

Nov 25, 2020 | Love This!

For every letter of the alphabet you could write a list of things you’re thankful for. Here, what I’m grateful for, “The P Edition”
My Family – Immediate and Extended
Good Friends
Members of the UU Church of Barnstable
Fellow Employees at Hyannis Country Garden
Members of GardenComm
Plant geeks across the world
Those who came out to vote for Biden/Harris
Fellow communicators in NSA, ASJA and beyond
All my publishers past and present: David Godine Publishers, St. Lynn’s Press, Commonwealth Editions, Parnassus Imprints
All staff at WXTK and those who support GardenLine
Any plant I looked at ten minutes ago
Plants that succeed against all odds
Flowers, vegetables and fruits that sustain us (Shout out to Tuscan Kale!)
Garden meals
Writer’s Block Zinfandel
Atypical (TV series)
A day to write without interruptions
This is Us (TV series. Note: I’d watch Sterling K. Brown read a long receipt from Wallmart. He’s that good.)
Walking with The Dog
The Morning Show (TV series)
3red & Fairfax
How I Built This
Marketing over Coffee
Prognosis Daily
The Moth
Radio Lab
Plantrama (yeah, it’s the podcast I do with Ellen Zachos. I’m grateful to her and for our collaboration)
Lawrence Pond
The Beach
My flower gardens
Scorton Creek
San Francisco/Northern CA
Rural Wisconsin
The New Yorker
Washington Post
Atlantic Magazine
The New York Times
2 Million Blossoms
Fine Gardening
The American Gardener
Horticulture Magazine
The Bone (aka Button) and India (aka Cassius “who has a lean and hungry look”)


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