I Love Pantheon Squash

Aug 3, 2019 | Love This!

Name: Pantheon F1 Squash

Type of Plant: A Costata Romanesco type squash with a more contained, upright plant, fewer prickly spines and earlier, higher yields. The same classic ribbed zucchini squash, great flavor and robust growth as the Costata Romanesco. 

Why I Love/Hate this plant: I’ve been impressed with this summer squash so far. It was the first squash to form zucchini in my garden and I’m now harvesting two or three every two days from three plants.

I planted seeds from Johnny’s directly in the ground.

A Word to the Wise: Like all summer squash, you have to be on guard for powdery mildew. We spray all of our plants once a week with one of the bacterial based fungicides such as Serenade or Revitalize. It’s easier to fight PM before the plant has the problem.

Here are a few of the squash I harvest every two days. Strong recommendation: pick summer squash every other day so you can eat the smaller, most flavorful and tender ones. Do not ignore them for several days or you’ll have squash better suited for door stops. From left to right: Pantheon, Zephyr, and Green Machine. All planted from Johnny’s seeds.


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