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I Love The ‘Immense’ Begonia
When a plant is easy to grow, distinctive, and flowers in the winter we couldn't ask for much more. But Begonia ricinifolia ‘Immense’ also delights us with the red hairs on its stem that glow when sunlight pours through the window.
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I Love The ‘Immense’ Begonia

I Love The ‘Immense’ Begonia

Name: Begonia ricinifolia ‘Immense’ aka the Immense Begonia

Type of Plant: Large (yes, the name is accurate) begonia that has interesting hairy stems and clusters of pink flowers in the middle of the winter. 

Why I Love/Hate this plant: Large, bright green leaves, strong growth and lots of flowers from January through March…that alone would be enough to make this a great houseplant. But best of all are the red hair-like clumps on the stems. These almost look prickly from a distance but they are actually quite soft. When this plant is in an eastern or western facing window those red hairs light up in the sunshine, so every day the begonia will make you smile.

A Word to the Wise: Most begonias hate being too wet – they are prone to crown rot when the soil is too damp.

My friend Chris Hestwood gave me a small plant from her begonia – this is an easy one to root from a stem or leaf, so a nice pass-along plant for others. Once it gets too, too large, however, root a new one for yourself and start over.

All winter there are several tall stems of pink flowers on this plant.

My Immense Begonia is in an eastern-facing window so in the early morning the sun illuminates the stems, leaves and flowers. See how the stems look hairy? 

This shows the closeup of the hairs on the stems when the sun isn’t illuminating them. A plant dressed for a party.  

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