Recycle Wilted Mylar Balloons

Oct 22, 2017 | Lifestuff

On my husband’s birthday a friend surprised him by tying a large bunch of mylar helium balloons to his car. He brought the bouquet home, and they floated colorfully in our dining room for a couple of weeks. But after the helium leaked out, we were left with the mylar equivalent of wilted flowers. The party was over.

Looking at these deflated balloons I first said, “These have to go.” But as my husband went to gather them up, I had another idea. “Wait,” I said. “These can be recycled” So I took a pair of scissors and cut the bottoms off of each balloon. I now had a dozen brightly colored mylar gift bags! I could even clip off the pieces of ribbon attached to each balloon and use it to close the bag once the gift was inside.

Yes, the party is over and now the once perky helium balloons are deflated. Time to recycle!


Cut the bottoms off of each balloon and flatten it. Save until you need some gift wrapping.


I have some great, cheerful gift bags here. I saved the ribbons as well, so these can be used to tie the bag.


The former balloons can accommodate all sorts of gifts. Of course, books still make a most thoughtful present. Here is one of my favorite gift books: Thx Thx Thx: Thank Goodness For Everything by Lee Dieterich.


Here are two gifts, wrapped in recycled mylar balloons. Share the gifts and recycle the wealth.


  1. Pamela Phipps

    WHAT a GREAT idea!! Thank you

  2. Lia T

    This is the BEST idea I’ve seen for reusing mylar balloons! Thank you!

  3. Jean J Pfeifer

    Great idea! Since the two I have that need t be re-used are “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” – I have to remember where they are when those holidays roll around next year. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Nancy Van Denburgh

    I have deflated mylar birthday balloons from my birthday. I will definitely follow your suggestion to use them as gift wrap for my boyfriend’s birthday that is coming up soon.. Thank you. Excellent suggestion.


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